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Active Directory Implementation

  • With expertise on Microsoft Technologies for about 12 years and the right mix of knowledge and resources Limtex spearheaded the nationwide implementation of Active Directory Services at Reliance General Insurance
  • It was so well planned that the implementation was turned around in the span of 3 months across 15 locations in India. The best practices implemented at one location were replicated with almost no difficulty at all other locations.

  • SharePoint Collaborative Solutions

  • NSDL has been our esteemed customer over a decade now.
  • NSDL needed a way to share and store knowledge about their services and experiences. Limtex Infotech took a lead to develop a collaborative workspace as a tool for improving organizational effectiveness, accessing shared information and providing a platform for consistency in process.
  • Sharepoint as collaborative solution became a more integral part of the business today. Limtex Infotech also defined, designed & developed disaster recovery plan for MOSS Systems

  • IT Infrastructure Support

  • DSP Blackrock supported its Exchange Server Database with additional server and small utility replication tools for replication to streamline user management, e-mail & collaboration. IT Executive team considered the significant risks involved in tape backups and determined this method alone was no longer sufficient for several reasons
  • DSP Blackrock considered several solutions, including replication and recovery offerings from ROBOCOY and offsite server, Backup Software. Limtex Infotech recommended XOsoft solution to them and they looked at the product in detail. Based on the study conducted by PACE and the recommendations the choice seemed clear. PACE Team later helped DSP Blackrock in implementing XOSoft solution for their offices country wide.

  • Development Services

  • Limtex Infotech developed and implemented the solution for proper management of physical security of Bosch Premises & Its property by enabling the security personnel & security desk with better managed GATE Pass System
  • This system interlinked all the departments of the organization with security management system so that all the appointments/calendars are scheduled and managed well preventing any unwanted visitor from entering the premises and tracking the visitors within premises