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Privilege Guard

Effectively managing user privileges remains a challenge for almost all organizations. The need for users to configure certain settings on their computer, run legacy applications and install authorized software are just some of the reasons why users are often given excessive privileges. For server administration, Privilege Guard may be used to grant local admin rights over specific applications, making it unnecessary to give local admin rights directly to a system administrator. In addition to creating a more secure server environment, any rivileged activity may also be audited, with the option of logging detailed information, regarding changes to a server’s underlying configuration, such as registry settings, system files and services.

Whether you need to restrict the rights of system administrators, or grant additional rights to standard users, Privilege Guard provides a solution that enables all users to run with standard rights. Policy settings determine which applications should be elevated and Privilege Guard assigns the relevant privileges to the process tokens of individual applications as they launch. The experience is seamless to the end user and does not require them to have access to a local admin account, as all elevated applications still run in the full context of the logged on user.

Privilege Guard Benefits

  • Enables users to logon with standard user rights without compromising their ability to perform their job function
  • Enables users to run legacy applications or any other applications that require admin rights
  • Enables users to perform approved computer configuration tasks, such as adding local printers and changing the time
  • Restricts users to installing and running only trusted applications
  • Enables server administrators to work under least privilege, with an audit trail of privileged operations
  • Works seamlessly with User Account Control (UAC) and eliminates or replaces inappropriate UAC prompts
  • Achieve desktop compliance e.g. USGCB, PCI-DSS and Government Connect