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License Watch

LicenseWatch is the leading tool to find out what software you have installed both on desktops and in your data centre. No matter if it is installed locally or on virtual machines. It is quick to implement and easy to use.

The LicenseWatch Software Asset Management Suite delivers

  • Up to the minute, in depth analysis on what software is installed and where it is located.
  • What software is used and how it is used and
  • What software licenses the company owns.

  • Complete hardware and software inventory based on Add/Remove Program Strings, Files scan and WMI data. It provides detailed information including OEM versions and Express Editions.

    This valuable information makes it easier to make the right decisions on how to upgrade, downgrade, further invest in software and how to use un-utilized software applications around the entire enterprise.

    Key Benefits:

  • Cut down on software expenses by monitoring software usages
  • With the LicenseWatch solution you know what software is being used and what software can be removed. LicenseWatch makes it possible for companies to meter the actual usage of these licenses by the individual owners. This delivers significant ROI to companies as many applications that are on desktops unused can be re-assigned to new users instead of buying additional licenses and we can prevents costs of renewing maintenance on unused licenses.

  • Compliance
  • Real time calculation of compliance and automatically up/downgrade between versions and editions. Reconciliation between installations, licenses and software usages to accomplishes (OLP – Optimal License Position).

  • Integration with 3rd Party discovery tools
  • Full integration with Altiris, Microsoft SCCM, Matrix 42 and other discovery tool out of the box. Enrich your existing discovery solution with License Intelligence and establish accurate and reliable proofs of license entitlement.

  • Manage software in virtual environments and Data Centers
  • Integrations with virtualization solutions like VMware, Microsoft and Citrix make sure licenses can be controlled in these virtual device and application environments. LicenseWatch is the leading solution for license management in these environments, especially data centers.

  • Application Control
  • LicenseWatch makes it possible to prevent launch of applications such as Games, P2P applications, etc by blacklisting them- a useful productivity cum security feature!

  • Contract Management & Notifications
  • Manage all your contracts and agreements centrally. LicenseWatch makes it possible to have a single repository for all IT assets by importing data on other IT assets using a CSV import feature. LicenseWatch has a feature that allows you to receive reminders when renewals fall due.

  • Reporting
  • LicenseWatch offers great reporting- standard out of the box reports as well as custom report generation capability. All predefined reports are ready to run and quickly to export to PDF or Excel format.