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File Optimizer

NXPorerLite for File servers Version 5 reclaims valuable storage space by reducing the size of the files held on server. It’s a much cheaper alternative than buying more hardware. NXPorerLite will compress PDF (new) MS Office, Zip and JPEG files by up to 95%, meaning you can reclaim large chunks of data on your server.

How does NXPorerLite reduce file size so significantly?

PDF, MS Office and JPEG files often contain a lot of unnecessary data, stuff like meta data and fast save information, so NXPorerLite remove anything not needed to open the files. NXPorerLite will also work its magic on any images in the files. Its;ll save them in the smallest file size without removing any of the quality

Reason why you need NXPorerLite for File Servers

  • Shorten backup windows
  • Optimizing files accelerates your backup process, shortening backup windows, cutting costs and reducing media requirement

  • Avoid buying new hardware
  • Enterprise-grade storage is expensive to procure and bad bad for the environment. File optimization helps extend the life of your existing hardware and contributes to a greener Storage strategy

  • Improve data migration efficiency
  • Don’t move more data than you have to. Optimizing files before you migrate can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Reduce management costs
  • Most manage backup and recovery/ replication services charge you by the Gigabyte. File optimization can drastically reduce these recurring costs.

  • Reclaim server storage
  • Storage growth is a critical problem. Storage hardware requires floor space, power and technical support. File optimization enable to manage your storage more efficiently.

  • Shorten network response times
  • Large files show down your entire network, optimizing than can significantly lighten the load, reducing data transfer costs and improving network response times- so remote users can ‘feel’ local.